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The Location

Hello Brighton!

We can't think of anywhere better for our first retreat!  

We chose Brighton for a number of reasons.  When we were brainstorming locations we much preferred the idea of a city retreat over a countryside one and Brighton ticks all our boxes.


Brighton is a super colourful town as you can see from Bex's photos and of course this was essential to us when choosing our city!

A hub for the LGBTQIA+ community, there are also rainbows galore and there's lots of street art which makes for fun backdrops.

There are so many amazing venues with quirky décor and neon lights, including our retreat house!


Travel Links

Brighton is easy to get to from anywhere in Europe or within the UK by car, train or plane. And we are all for ease.

  • Just 49 minutes on the train from Gatwick International Airport.

  • Quick train links from London (10 min walk from station to house).

  • Parking can be booked in advance for those driving, from just £32.70 (20 min walk to house) or £44.50 (9 min walk).



The town has an AMAZING vibe and anyone who has ever been there will agree! 


There's also the nostalgic Brighton Palace Pier with all the fun of the fair and it's chock full of artists and creative people and did we mention colour?

The Beach

A refreshing sea breeze to fill you with energy, with waves crashing nearby, who doesn't love a walk along the beach at golden hour??

Our house is just 200 yards from the seafront, sunrise shoot anyone?


Local Knowledge

Plus, Bex lives a stones throw away from Brighton so we can plan all of the intricate details like our photo walk route, places we need to visit for our portrait shoots, food deliveries, etc.

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