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100 Giveaway - Natalie's Colourful Light Overlays And How To Use Them!

To celebrate our first 100 followers on Instagram, we're giving away 3 colourful light overlays to those on our mailing list - sign up now if you'd like to receive them!

As you might know from following my work I LOVE creating my own overlays and using them in my imagery to bring a little creative sparkle and to add energy and joy to my images! Especially in photos when the light is a little flat, a magic light overlay can completely transform the scene.

I'm thrilled to be gifting our newsletter subscribers these 3 colourful light overlays - will you love the vibrant pink, the sunshine yellow or the moody blues the best?

If you've never used overlays before in Photoshop - now is your chance to experiment! I've put together a little video that walks you through the process step by step.

WHAT I FORGOT TO SAY AT THE END WAS...if you use our light layers we would LOVE you to tag #camerachameleons in your post so that we can leave some love on your images! (And you could be featured on our brand new hub too!)

Don't forget to sign up here if you'd like to receive these beautiful overlays to use in your work. We'll be sending out the link later today!

And of course, if you want to find out more about taking and using light overlays, watch this space as I will be teaching a class all about this at the The Chameleon Retreat where I will be giving away a whole pack of exclusive overlays just for our Camera Chameleons!

Natalie x

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