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A free class on double exposures!

Just in case you missed this on our Instagram page...join us tomorrow for a FREE class on double exposures!

Ahead of our retreat next month Natalie is levelling up our skills and you’re invited to join too!

Join us on Sunday 17 March @ 4pm GMT for “Double exposures: the essentials” where Natalie will take us through all of the technical side of creating doubles in camera and also in Photoshop.

PLUS stay till the end and get a discount code to join one, two or all four days of our Brighton retreat at the end of April. We still have a couple of spaces left - all of the details are on our website in case you're interested in booking a last minute spot💙

For now - message us back to say “yes I’m in!” and we will email you the zoom link to join on Sunday!

Natalie + Bex xx

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