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Camera Chameleons - How Did It All Begin?

Meeting IRL

Picture two very excited photographers, who've known each other for years online; have participated in loops, connected over Click Pro, worked on This Detailed Life magazine together and have a mutual love affair with colour, finally meeting in person for the first time.

It's hot and sticky and there's so much to see and capture, surrounded by colours and men shouting about spices, it's overwhelming but in a good way.

This is what happened when Bex went on holiday to Dubai and Natalie took her and her family on a personal tour of the old souks.

All about the colour!

They hit it off immediately and never stopped chatting, about life, Dubai, colour and of course, photography whilst exploring and taking many, many photos! It was later that same day they muted the idea of a joint retreat with a similar photo walk, encouraging connections, exploring colour and even working on branding with headshots included for attendees.

From there, everything spiralled. They arranged to meet again the next day with their families for dinner (and drinks) at the beach and whilst the kids played in fountains and the sea, Bex and Natalie chatted about their budding idea, getting more excited by the minute (and each glass)!

Ideas galore!

The next morning, Bex woke up to 25 messages from Natalie who'd drafted the whole itinerary, come up with a possible name and even a reel whilst she couldn't sleep!

After posting about their initial plans on Instagram and receiving an enthusiastic response, being dubbed a "Power Duo" and "Dream Team", they spent the next couple of days texting various ideas and possible names whilst sitting by the pool (for Bex) and in between work (for Natalie).

Bex spotted these cheesy T-shirts on her 2nd last day and couldn't resist a hilarious purchase! This of course meant they had to meet up one more time before Bex flew home so both families got together again for drinks and dinner at the hotel. So much for that early night before a 4am wake-up call! 😆


Since Bex returned home, it's been all go, the name was tweaked and domain bought, logo, Instagram, Facebook, etc. all set-up and the website released in its most simple form with a mailing list to sign up for updates.

Lots of work is continuing behind the scenes whilst we build the website, plan the retreat, finalise dates and search for the best venue! We've been texting every day and even had a 2 hour zoom call, luckily we haven't grown sick of each other and the partnership is indeed a Dream Team!


We'll be launching all of the information on 12th June so get on the list and be the first to receive all the details!! We can't wait to share more about this epic retreat we're planning!

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