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Camera Chameleons - Poetry and Song, A Little Inspiration

Do you know, we've already created a Camera Chameleons Playlist on Spotify! It's filled with upbeat and colour-themed tunes to create the perfect soundtrack and dare I say, might inspire a little boogie at our welcome reception at the house!

We're not sharing it just yet, but we do have a very special poem for you, written for us with the powers of AI and we're pretty impressed! It's certainly better than we could have mustered up, although we have done a couple of little edits! Enjoy...

Camera Chameleons

In Brighton town, by the sparkling sea,

Where Camera Chameleons will gather with glee.

A retreat for the women with visions so bright,

To nurture their art and explore with delight.

Bex and Natalie, masters of the lens,

We'll lead the way with fun arty trends.

Sharing our images, stories and dreams,

Bound by our passion, bursting at the seams.

With cameras in hand and spirits set free,

We'll venture to capture the world we can see.

Through the viewfinder, a whole new perspective,

Unveiling the beauty that's often reflective.

Through your lens, you'll discover a magical view,

A kaleidoscope of colours, both vivid and true.

Camera Chameleons, let's create and share,

A retreat in Brighton, beyond compare.

With each passing day, new skills you will gain,

At this nurturing retreat, you'll never wane.

Inspiration will flow like the ocean's tide,

Fuelling passion and talent deep inside.

Chameleons of the camera, you'll become,

Adapting to scenes, like the setting sun.

From the pier to the lanes, your eyes awake,

Creating masterpieces, with each click you take.

So come one, come all, to this grand retreat,

Where Bex and Natalie make memories sweet.

Camera Chameleons, a haven divine,

In Brighton's embrace, where creativity shines.

And as you bid farewell to Brighton's embrace,

Your hearts filled with memories you'll always chase.

For the Camera Chameleons, the retreat was a treasure,

A moment of growth, inspiration, and pleasure.

So raise your cameras high, let your visions take flight,

Capture the world with all of your might.

For in Brighton town, by the sparkling sea,

The camera chameleons found their harmony.


And with that, we will leave you with a gallery of inspiration and a final reminder to get yourself on our waiting list for early access when we open booking. You will have 24 hours to book before tickets are released to everyone else!


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