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Save The Date!

We're so excited to have announced the date to our very first retreat!

The news went out to our subscribers first. Make sure you're on the list here for early access to all our updates!

So yes, we're looking forward to meeting our very first Camera Chameleons on 30th April next year for 4 whole days of fun & frolics in a fabulous location in the UK, to be announced very soon!!

We spent a long, LONG time debating the best dates for our first retreat, initially planning on a weekend but ultimately this Tues-Fri works best for so many reasons...

  1. Weekdays will be quieter for our photo walk(s).

  2. The retreat will flow nicely into the bank holiday weekend so you can still spend time with your family - maybe even invite them to join you in the awesome location we’ve chosen on the Friday and practice your newfound skills on them!

  3. The weather should be warming up for fun & colourful summer vibes without being sweltering!

  4. We’re able to keep costs down with a midweek booking so you get extra value for money.

  5. It’s outside of school holidays and exam periods so won’t interfere with important family time.

We’ve answered a few FAQs on our website too so check it out and do let us know if you have any more questions at this stage.

So, pop it in your calendar now and watch this space for our next announcement - WHERE we will be hosting you!

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