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Bex and Natalie first met online via This Detailed Life.  After working together when Natalie was a guest mod and panellist for TDL in 2021, they finally met in Dubai in 2023 when Bex was on holiday!  Initially meeting up for a fun photo walk around the old souks, they hit it off immediately and began dreaming of a joint retreat where they could spread their mutual love of colour and creativity.  After meeting up twice more with their families and lots of cocktails, Camera Chameleons was born!

Bex Maini

Bex grew up in Scotland but moved to Sussex, England in 2014.  People describe her work as vibrant, joyful and rich. 

Bex's photography career began as a landscape and nature photographer in 2005, pivoting to photographing people when her twins were born in 2014.  She now specialises in storytelling for brands and is  also a photography mentor, an instructor with the prestigious Click Photo School and has featured on international photography judging panels.


In 2020 she launched This Detailed Life, an international photography magazine, as Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director, with her team she cultivated a wonderful and inspiring community of photographers and looks forward to spreading that vibe into Camera Chameleons with Natalie.

Bex Maini Colourful Headshot
Natalie Robinson Headshot Dubai

Natalie Robinson

Natalie is originally from the UK and has been living in Dubai since 2010.  The words creative, vibrant and a bit experimental come to mind when describing Natalie’s photography style!

Natalie started off her photography journey in 2011 and has gone on from there to build a successful Dubai-based family photography business.  Since 2017 she has been designing, developing and delivering photography workshops and photo walks with her company @thephotoclubuae as well as mentoring other photographers.

Natalie is an experienced photography teacher and is super excited to be launching a retreat - something that has been on her bucket list for years! 

Read more about Natalie on the blog here.

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