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A life update... and a competition!

We thought it was time to get in touch with you again with a little life update as we have been AWOL in your inbox and on our blog for a while. Here’s what has been keeping us busy (aside from Christmas, New Year, client work, family time and general life!)...

Also - don't miss our 'random acts of kindness' COMPETITION right at the end of this post. This is a great one that you don't want to miss out on!

But first...


News from Bex


I’ve been busy working hard on myself and have been on a fitness and health journey over the last 6 months!

I have mixed feelings about before & after body transformation photos - body positivity and all that, there’s nothing “wrong” with how I looked in the first pic. But I was unhealthy. I was sedentary. I was risking diabetes and heart disease of which I have a family history already.  This is why I started working with a coach/PT,  Nicolle! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the way I look better now. I feel more confident and I like how much better my clothes fit and I also FEEL so much better! I have more energy, I’m happier, I’m healthier, I’m stronger. Read more about the hows & whys here.

The photo on the left is me on holiday in Kenya in August 2023. The one on the right is me in the gym last week! 5 months apart.  Working with Nicolle has transformed my body, yes, but it’s also transformed my health, both physical and mental and indeed, transformed my life! 


As for my photography work – in November I received an amazing SIX honourable mentions in the prestigious Click Pro Photographers Voice competition!  It’s such an honour to be placed in the top 1.5% of over 40,000 entries from around the world!  My images were featured in the following categories: Color, Mirrored, Motherhood, On The Table, Surreal and Urban Observer.   I also received an honourable mention in The Best Nature Photographer competition!

In other fabulous news, at the beginning of January I received the amazing accolade of being named as the LSPA’s 4th TOP Business Photographer in the world in 2023 including this gold medal winning image below!  You can read more about that here. Not only that but I also received a editor's choice awards from Life Framer, She Clicks and The Greatest Maasai Mara photo competitions!

Work wise I’ve been busy with business portraits for quite a few clients and have completed my fundraising headshot project for Rainbow Trust Children's Charity, with a total of 33 fabulous people photographed throughout 2023.  Here’s a little snapshot from the project:


One of them was even accepted on PhotoVogue...


News from Natalie

Since the end of October I’ve been really hectic with jugging personal branding shoots, family shoots and kids commercial shoots.  I’ve been working with a lot of Dubai based brands who needed new content for Christmas and their Spring / Summer season.  Here’s a snapshot of some of my recent commercial work:

On top of that I’ve been running The Photo Club (kids after school photography clubs) and we opened at a second school in January.  So that’s 2 afternoons a week of teaching which I ADORE but honestly – hats off to full time teachers because after just one class I’m exhausted!


Back in November I received a flurry of happy news; @clickprophotographers awarded me in their Top 10 Best Family Photographers of 2023 AND in their Top 10 Nature Photographers for 2023. Blown away is an understatement and to top it off I was then named in Womenpreneur’s “Top 100 expatriates leading the way in Dubai, 2023.


In this year’s Click Pro Photographers Voice 2023 competition I was thrilled to receive “honourable mentions” for these images, featuring 2 x taken in Egypt, 1 in Spain and one in Abu Dhabi….the conclusion is I need to travel out of Dubai more. Roll on Brighton at the end of April with a quick 4-day trip to Istanbul in the Easter break!




Today is 'random acts of kindness' day so we are giving away a FREE DAY TICKET to our Thursday classes, WORTH £425!!!

Yes, for free! Be in Brighton for 9.30am on Thursday 2nd May and jump in to these sessions:

🌈"Living a Creative Life" by Bex

​🌈10 x 10’s: Portfolio Reviews with Bex & Natalie

🌈Photo Challenge in Brighton: “Capturing the essence of you.”

🌈Watch Us Edit & Discussion

As well as time to hang out with the two of us PLUS the creative women that are already attending - this is a giveaway too good to miss out on!! This competition is happening over on Instagram so for details on how to enter please fill in this form and head to our giveaway post on Instagram.


We are offering you A FREE DOUBLE EXPOSURES CLASS! Fancy joining us on Sunday 17 March at 4pm UK time for a free double exposures class led by Natalie?  It’s free to those have already booked to attend our retreat! So quick, there’s still time to jump in and then you get this for free too.

Remember if you can’t commit to all 4 days of the retreat, then we have one or two day passes also available so we can make it as accessible as possible for all. We know so many of you have expressed an interest in coming along but are struggling with kids / work / childcare and how to make it happen. We also have payment plans available so please do reach out if you would love to come but have a barrier and we will do our best to help you work around it 😇10 weeks to go….

The excitement is building!!


 Bex + Natalie xx


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