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The Schedule

The Chameleon Retreat Programme

Four days, three nights.  Time to yourself.  Delve into creativity.  Connect and make new friendships.  Time to focus, grow and re-energise.  That's what this retreat is about.

Check out our full schedule plan and what to expect below.  If you're staying in the house, you also get exclusive access to Bex & Natalie - ask us anything, make the most of our time together, we're open books and here to help you succeed, whatever your focus!

Day One

Friday 6th June - The Fun Begins!

4pm - Arrivals

Settle in and explore.

6pm - Welcome & Intros

Get to know one another with a welcome reception and set our intentions for the weekend.

7pm - Dinner

Head out on the town or bring your own to eat in the house, it's up to you.

Relax, take a stroll, chill in the garden, chat with your new friends take the chance to quiz Bex & Natalie or have an early night ready for a busy weekend, it's up to you.

Natalie & Bex by Kirsty Hamilto.jpg

Day Two

Saturday 7th June -
Let's Get Down To Business

8am - Breakfast

Bring your own or head out to grab something local.

9.30-12.30pm: Model Shoots

Choose between a family with Natalie or a brand with Bex and watch us in action, then have a go yourself to put into practice what you've learned and build your portfolio.

12.30-1.30pm: Lunch


1.30-4pm: Portfolio Reviews 

Where you are at creatively vs where you want to be - analysis, sharing of views and ideas, key ingredients that we all see in your work, we'll give feedback as a group on your portfolios to help you better understand your voice and what you want to achieve.

4-5:30pm: Watch us edit

Our client workflows from engagement to delivery

6pm - Dinner

Order in or head out on the town.


Chat into the wee hours or get an early night ready for Day 3!

Day Three

Sunday 8th June - Let's Get Creative

8am - Breakfast.

9.30-11am: Deconstructing our creative minds

What makes us creative, how do we harness that energy?

11-1pm: Creative play time

Let's have fun trying out new techniques.  Including photography instruction, creative ideas, practice with a partner.  We'll introduce you to fun and playful techniques to add something different to your galleries.  From prisms to double exposures to reverse free-lensing, we show you how and then you have a go.  Includes practice + play time in the house with a partner or small group.  We will have props, gadgets, flowers, food and small backdrops to play with.

1-2pm: Lunch


2-3.30pm: Infusing Creativity

A personal vision boarding exercise.  Includes defining what creativity means to you, creating and living your own brand values, infusing colour & creativity into your work be it business or hobby - pushing your creative boundaries, thinking outside the box.

3.30-5.30pm: Creative Shoot Out

A Manchester photo walk with personal challenges along the way; portraits, street photography, abstract...

6pm - Dinner in town

Join us in town for a lovely meal out at one of Manchester's awesome eateries.  (Or head back to the house if you prefer some quiet time with a takeout.)

Our final evening together. 

Action Plan: Discuss  your wins of the last 2 days, plan what we are going to commit to doing differently from this day forth! 


Process everything you've learnt or chill with new friends and enjoy one last evening of 'you time'.   Head home this evening or stay until Monday morning, whatever works best for you.


Day Four

Monday 9th June - Goodbyes

8am - Our last breakfast together

Hang out and ask any final questions before we have to say goodbye.

10am - Check Out

11am - Optional brunch in Fallowfield - join Bex & Natalie for a debrief over brunch before we head our separate ways.  


Don't forget that you get ongoing support and access to Bex & Natalie (and all your new friends) after the retreat with our exclusive Facebook group.

Monthly CC creative prompt group - ongoing after the retreat with blog/Instagram features.

You also get to download this awesome badge to show you are a Chameleon Retreat Alumna.

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