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The Chameleon Retreat - Can You Guess Where We'll Be Launching?

So you know by now that our very first Chameleon Retreat will be in the UK. But WHERE exactly?? We want to hear your guesses! Where in the country do you think would be the ideal place to host our very first colourful get together?

Colourful walls in Dubai - a possible future retreat venue!

A few hints...

Bex is from Scotland, Natalie is from England.

Bex lives in Sussex, Natalie in Dubai (so will be flying into London).

We want to do at least one photo walk so are hoping for good weather.

We need plenty of colourful backdrops.

We need a large, comfortable house for everyone to stay in.

We want it to be easily accessible from the rest of the country.

A dark sunrise and tree silhouettes
A beautiful UK sunrise

Let us know your guesses in the comments!

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