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What we won't be doing!

"Hmm, I'm not sure this is the right retreat for me" are NOT the words we want you to be thinking!

We want you to be thinking, 'yes, yes, yes, count me in 100%'. And so, on our retreat we will NOT:

Flowers by Natalie

- be teaching you to shoot like us. Nope! We do not need another Bex or Natalie in the world - we need YOU and YOUR VOICE! So we will be helping to harness that inner YOU-ENERGY and nurturing that over the 3 days.

- cram the agenda with too much, overwhelm you or leave you with no thinking space. We will be giving you personal reflection time and recognising some of us need more personal space and down time than others. Our schedule is being tailored based on YOUR feedback so if you need some time to be an introvert then absolutely do! We respect your need for space.

- be doing yoga classes. Sorry ladies, if you're here to focus on exercise this is the wrong place! Morning sunrise beach walk, probably, but yoga/meditation/Pilates - not this year.

Rainbow Wings by Bex

- all be shooting the same way and all end up with the same photos. Nope! We are all about encouraging difference, independent thought and YOU shooting what is RIGHT for you.

- leave you feeling lonely. Especially if you are coming on your own and don't immediately have a friend to come with! We have both been in this same boat before (throwing ourselves into retreats not knowing a single soul) and have come out of the experience with some of the best photographer friends we've ever made. We are 100% sure the same will be for you.

- capturing a million landscape photos and nothing else. Although admittedly we both do love a good landscape, there are people and colour and vibrant details to capture! Of course we will have time for landscapes (especially if we head out on a sunrise walk), but what we mean is, this is the opposite to a remote Icelandic retreat ;-)

- be staying inside all day in the house. Now we all know the UK weather can be rather unpredictable but we are hoping for sunshine!! We will be doing most of our 'classroom' type sessions in the house but then moving outside for shooting time so that we make the most of the environment and the beautiful location that is hosting us!

- be bombarding you with information while you sit in a room with dozens of other people. This isn't a conference, it's an interactive workshop, designed to help you grow, develop your voice and leave with newfound skills, brimming with confidence.

Needless to say we are so super excited to have you on this journey with us, we can't wait to meet you in person!

Natalie + Bex

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